An "incorrect" shaft can affect your balance while skiing

Update: 2022/12/01

An "incorrect" shaft can affect your balance while skii […]

An "incorrect" shaft can affect your balance while skiing, but what is correct? - The angle of the shoe shaft can match the shape of the leg.

The shape and inclination angle of each person's legs are different. Some people are extroverted (O-shaped legs), and some people are introverted (figure-shaped legs). Since the shoe shape has only one fixed mode at the factory, compared with the general vertical As far as the legs are concerned, it is more difficult for these people to get a good ski balance. The reason is that whether it is camber or inclination, the camber itself will change the contact and pressure angle of the ski on the snow, so that there is no force, but the snow However, the board will change direction by itself, or need to use more strength to perform leg presses, etc. These abnormal inclination angles will make the control of sliding more difficult.

You don’t have to have such a large deformed leg to have an inclination angle. Some lighter deformations will also affect it. Adjusting the left and right inclination angles of the shoe shaft to match the difference in leg shape is a way to remedy the balance. How do I know if I need to adjust the shoe shaft? We can put on ski boots without liners, then stand up straight, and observe whether the calf is in the middle of the shoe barrel, and then bend the leg forward, and observe whether the calf is also in the middle of the shoe barrel. If the calf is particularly leaning against or touching one side of the shell, either when standing or bending forward, it is an indication that the shaft needs to be adjusted. In order to make the observation more accurate, it is recommended that you stand in front of the mirror and observe the frontal angle through the mirror.

In order to make it easier for users to adjust the shoe barrel, each ski boot basically has one or two adjustable screws corresponding to the angle of the shoe barrel. It is usually on the left or right shell of the ankle, and it is fixed by a 6-corner key. After the inside is turned clockwise/counterclockwise, the left and right inclination angle of the shoe barrel can be changed. The details can be carried out according to the adjustment instructions of your own ski boots.

In addition to left and right, we can also adjust the front fixed inclination of the shoe shaft to meet or make it easier to make the posture when sliding. The position of the adjustable screw is generally at the rear of the shoe barrel. With the hexagonal key, the fixed-angle screw can be removed and re-placed at a new corresponding position to change the angle.

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