Buying a Cross Country Ski Pole

Update: 2022/10/25

When buying a cross country pole, there are several dif […]

When buying a cross country pole, there are several different factors to consider. First, you must determine the correct size and shape. Next, consider the material. Metal or carbon fiber are the most common materials for poles. While both materials are sturdy, carbon fiber poles are more expensive, while aluminum is cheaper. Also, keep in mind that certain grades of aluminum are more durable.

Also, the length is very important. The ideal length depends on the sport and the route profile. You must also consider your height and the ability level of the person you are purchasing for. A good rule of thumb is that a pole should be midway between the arm pit and the shoulder of the user. For beginners, a shorter pole may not be as effective as a longer one.

Before purchasing a pole, you should measure your body height. The height of your clavicle is the highest point of your chest when you are standing. Your pole length should be approximately eighty percent of your height in classic boots.

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