Snowshoes should be just right or smaller

Update: 2022/06/30

We all know that snowshoes are a kind of shoes speciall […]

We all know that snowshoes are a kind of shoes specially worn for skiing. There are many sizes of them, large and small. We must pay attention when choosing, especially the choice of shoe size. So should the snowshoes be just right or smaller? Let's take a look at it in detail!
Snowshoes should be just right or smaller
The fit is the best, and it is not recommended to buy snowshoes that are half a size smaller.
It is best not to wear smaller shoes, because too small shoes can easily squeeze the feet and make them uncomfortable, which in turn affects skiing and may lead to safety accidents.
For beginner and intermediate skiers, tight shoes are not recommended. If you slide down in a circle, you'll get blood blisters. Also want to buy the right Asian foot type snowshoes.
How to choose a size for snowshoes
The most important thing about snowshoeing is to buy a pair of shoes that fit your feet, including length and weight. The length of snowshoes is what we usually call shoe size 37, 38, etc. When choosing the size of skis, it is best to choose a size that is half smaller than the usual size. You can also choose the same size as usual. Should not buy a size larger than usual.
There are two steps to judging whether the length is appropriate:
The first step is to loosen all the buttons on the shoes and the person stands up straight with the knees upright. At this time, the toes can be pushed to the front of the shoe, and the heel cannot touch the snowshoe;
The second step is to tie the shoelaces so that the front of the knee joint remains the same as it was when skiing. At this point, the heel can touch the snowshoe, and the toes are not at the top of the shoe. If you are fat and thin, you can try it according to your foot shape. But when you're shopping for shoes, go a little tighter because the lining will get looser.
Take my own new shoes for example. I can tell that when I bought them, they were tight and uncomfortable, especially when they weren't crowded on the left and right. The first time I hit the road, I had to unbuckle my shoes on the gondola, but after a day, it fit me perfectly. The fat and thin models of each brand are different, it depends on how much you try.
It's important to note that some high-end snowshoes come with heat-setting, which can be styled according to the size of the foot. Comfortable to wear and not too tired.

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