Choosing a Touring Pole

Update: 2022/09/02

Touring poles can be incredibly helpful for cross-count […]

Touring poles can be incredibly helpful for cross-country skiing. These poles are adjustable to fit a wide range of heights and are easy to pack. They also have ergonomic grips and an oversized basket for extra storage. These poles are also ideal for splitboarding and backcountry adventures. Whether you're looking for a touring pole for skiing or skating, there are a few things you need to know before buying.

First, consider your preferences. If you spend the majority of your time skiing and snowboarding in the off-piste, you can go with a fixed-length touring pole. This will reduce the number of moving parts and will save you money. Also, resort picks are usually non-adjustable, which means you won't have to shorten the pole for a steep ascent.

The weight of a pole is a big factor in skier fatigue, so it's important to find a lightweight touring pole. In contrast, aluminum poles are lightweight and strong, but are much heavier than carbon fiber.

Another factor to consider when choosing a touring pole is the grip. Some poles have a thicker and softer grip than others. Often, the grip is insulated for comfort and is designed to be comfortable to hold.

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