Choosing a Quick Locking Trekking Pole

Update: 2022/09/08

A quick locking trekking pole can save a hiker a lot of […]

A quick locking trekking pole can save a hiker a lot of time and energy. The strap is designed to make a strong connection between the pole and hand. This enables the pole to swing forward with little effort. To use a quick locking trekking pole, pull out the strap at a 45-degree angle from the pole and slide your hand through the bottom. It is important to slide the palm of your hand on top of the strap and make sure the strap is around your wrist.

The shape and material of the grip is an important consideration when choosing a quick locking trekking pole. Choosing the right grip material can make a huge difference in your hiking comfort. Generally, grip materials are made from one of three materials: foam, cork, or rubber. The foam material is the most comfortable because it molds to your hand and is moisture resistant. The rubber material is less comfortable but is waterproof and ideally suited for winter activities.

While some poles are cheap, they are not of good quality. A quality hiking pole is worth the investment if you plan on hiking regularly. A high-quality pole will not only increase your comfort but also your safety. If you're only hiking once in a while, you may want to purchase a cheaper model and pay a few dollars every year for a high-quality pole.

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