How to try on snowshoes

Update: 2022/07/22

Snowshoes should fit snugly without blocking blood flow […]

Snowshoes should fit snugly without blocking blood flow or squeezing your feet at one point. If you put on your snowshoes, buckle up, fasten the straps, stand up straight, and still feel moderate pressure on your big toes, that means the shoe size is appropriate.
If your shoes feel too small and your feet are squeezing, try loosening the top buckle a bit, then kneel hard and move your heels back to give your toes more room. You can also remove the inner liner and try it separately, and feel the feeling of squeezing your feet because the inner liner is too small or the outer shell is too small. If the shell is small, you can ask a shoemaker to expand the shell. Remember that shoes can only be enlarged, not reduced, which is why only aspiring skiers are recommended to buy smaller shoe sizes. In addition, it is best to wear thin socks when trying on shoes, not only because thin socks will bring more direct force transmission, but also because the shoes are more loose. will feel more loose.


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