Why use trekking poles?

Update: 2022/07/26

The main functions of trekking poles are support, balan […]

The main functions of trekking poles are support, balance and cushioning.
The use of trekking poles has started a long time ago, but at that time everyone called it "walking stick" and "crutch". And in the early days of mountaineering, climbing with crutches was usually regarded as the patent of the elderly! Until recent years, mountaineering has been favored by more and more people, and the concept of using trekking poles has gradually been accepted by everyone.
But can using trekking poles really make your feet easier? Not necessarily. Using trekking poles must be done in the correct way to enjoy the benefits of trekking poles. The design of trekking poles is to provide better stability during personal activities, and to disperse the impact force acting on the legs to the arms; according to foreign research reports, when going downhill, the force on the knee is not used. When using trekking poles, 22% more energy was used, and 21% more energy was used by the thigh muscles. Reduce knee pain, increase strength when going uphill, increase overall endurance, easily pass through soft soil areas, and increase body balance.

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