The Advantage of Tracker Snowshoes

Update: 2022/09/23

Tracker snowshoes combine the features of a cross-count […]

Tracker snowshoes combine the features of a cross-country ski and a snowshoe. They feature a modular design and are compatible with standard cross-country ski bindings as well as three-pin snowshoe bindings. The Tracker series also comes with a unique hinge adapter that allows users to mount their own bindings.

Tracker snowshoes come in a variety of sizes. Choose a size that fits your frame. They are designed to be lightweight and provide maximum traction in soft snow. The design of the snowshoe varies depending on the terrain you plan to travel on. For hard-packed snow, you may want to go for larger snowshoes, while deep-packed snow may require a smaller pair.

Another benefit of tracker snowshoes is their ability to record details about past activities. The activity history is categorized by date, title, description, and activity type. Users can also share pictures of their activities. They can also view all of their past activity history. This feature allows users to save activities for future reference and make comparisons between different activities.

Tracker snowshoes are designed to be lightweight, and they also have lateral crampons that act like snowshoes. The lateral crampons help in climbing steep slopes and are great for floating down powder. They also help with weight distribution.

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