The type of Nordic Walking Pole

Update: 2022/09/15

A Nordic walking pole is similar to ski poles, but is d […]

A Nordic walking pole is similar to ski poles, but is designed to fit the Nordic walking style. Nordic walking poles have rubber tips to grip the ground and are available in both adjustable and fixed lengths. It is important to get a good design and the right length for your height. There are two types of poles available: the one-piece non-adjustable poles, which are designed to fit a wide range of users, and two-piece adjustable poles, which can be adjusted to fit the height of a specific user.

Pole lengths vary from sport to sport, and different pole lengths are needed. The ideal length will depend on the activity you will be performing, the terrain you'll be traversing, and your ability level. The adjustable poles are easier to transport and may be more comfortable for you when you're just starting out, but if you have more experience, you might want to try a fixed length Nordic walking pole.

Getting the right length is critical for Nordic Walking pole comfort. Make sure to choose a Nordic Walking pole with ergonomic grips to minimize discomfort and reduce the chance of falling. Using a Nordic walking pole is not difficult but you need to pay attention to how you hold it. Try to place it at 90 degrees in front of your elbow while your hand is at the base of the pole.

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