What are the benefits of trekking poles

Update: 2022/03/25

1. Reduce the burden on the feet Correct use of trekkin […]

1. Reduce the burden on the feet
Correct use of trekking poles can share up to 30% of the burden on the feet.
2. Reduce the pressure on the knee
This is easy to understand. Since the pressure on the footsteps is reduced, the pressure on the natural knees will also be reduced accordingly.
Three to help balance
1. On a steep slope: especially on a road with loose sand and gravel that is easy to slip, trekking poles can help prevent slippage and assist balance.
2. On gravel slopes: It is especially difficult to balance when walking on gravel slopes. For example, the top of the ship's bottom in Guangdong, and the c-line and v-line of the wolf tower in Xinjiang have a large number of gravel slopes.
People walking on uneven and loose gravel slopes, if they are not careful, will fall down because they step on the loose stones, and the gravel on the gravel slopes are often sharp and sharp, which can easily cause serious injuries.
Use two trekking poles as the third and fourth feet to provide two extra points of balance, even on gravel slopes, it is not easy to slip.
3. The fulcrum for descending the steps with high drop: In mountain parks in the city, when going downhill, the drop of each step is set by artificial science. But in the wild, when the mountain road goes downhill, it will face steps of half a meter or even higher. If there are no trees and other vegetation nearby to take advantage of, we have to choose to jump directly.
But with trekking poles as a support point, we can go down slowly. In the mountains, doing a lot of jumps, especially weight-bearing jumps, can easily cause knee injuries.
Four as weapons:
In the wilderness, it is difficult to avoid encountering attacks by dogs or wolves. Two long trekking poles have a very obvious deterrent effect on dogs.
The trekking pole itself is designed to withstand vertical downward pressure, and the side of the pole has a low ability to withstand pressure. In theory, fighting large dogs such as Tibetan mastiffs with trekking poles won't do much. However, the two long trekking poles are quite intimidating to dogs and wolves.

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