How to use trekking poles correctly

Update: 2022/04/02

Friends, do you like to use trekking poles when climbin […]

Friends, do you like to use trekking poles when climbing mountains?
It is estimated that many people do not like it very much, and it feels very troublesome!
When I first started climbing, I didn’t like to use trekking sticks. I felt that I was holding a stick in my hand, which was no different from the old people’s crutches.
After the first hike, I changed my opinion:
The friends who traveled together were all holding two sticks. I did have a stick, but I only took one!
The structure of the human body is symmetrical, and walking and throwing hands alternate from left to right. One can imagine how uncomfortable it is to use a cane!
However, trekking poles also have many skills. If you use them well, they are equivalent to your two legs. If you don't use them well, they will still be your burden!
Here are some basic methods of using trekking poles:
First, be sure to use double sticks.
Second, adjust to their appropriate position.
Third, fasten the lock.
Fourth, put on the wristband.
Specific operation: Hold two sticks in hand, stand on the flat ground, raise your arms at 90 degrees with your body, open the lock, adjust the two nodes below the trekking stick, hold the trekking stick in your hand, touch the tip of the trekking stick on the ground, fasten the lock, and hold the trekking stick. Pass through the wrist strap, press the strap on the tiger's mouth, and hold the handle tightly.
The first two sections of the trekking pole near the top will be marked with "STOP" or "MAX". This is to require that the adjustment length of the trekking pole should not exceed this mark, otherwise, the trekking pole will be easily broken.

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