Classification knowledge of snowshoes

Update: 2022/05/07

Snowshoes can be divided into three types according to […]

Snowshoes can be divided into three types according to the different wearing methods:

Front Entry: This is the most original snowshoe module, and is still the standard type of competition snowshoe today, and the popular inline skates are much like front-entry snowshoes. The outer boots of the front buckle boots are not elastic at the ankle, and it is very difficult to put on and take off. Also because the shoe buckle tightly wraps the calf to the back of the foot, the up and down movements of the knee can be the most complete, and at the same time, it can be conveyed to the snowboard as quickly as possible. This is why intermediate and advanced skiers prefer to use front buckle snowshoes. s reason.

Rear Entry: In order to solve the inconvenience of putting on and taking off conventional front buckle snowshoes, and to enhance the comfort and warmth of snowshoes, snowshoes that can be pulled back on the back were invented. In addition to being easy to put on and take off, the pull-back snowshoe is also designed to move forward and backward at the ankle, so it is almost the same as wearing ordinary shoes. It is a great boon for beginners who are afraid of pain, and it is also very convenient in maintenance. Most of the rental equipment uses this kind of pull-back snowshoe. Of course, there are also pull-back snowshoes designed by manufacturers for intermediate and advanced people.

Mid Entry: It must be both responsive and convenient and comfortable! For the sake of purifying all living beings, the mid-entry snowshoe was born. Bringing together the advantages of each, the center-mounted snowshoe adopts the front buckle method, but it can also pull the back of the shoe larger when putting on and taking off. The mid-mounted snowshoe is still inferior to the front buckle snowshoe in terms of agility, but it is comparable to the pull-back type in terms of comfort, so it is favored by many players.

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