How to find out if your boots are suitable for use

Update: 2022/04/28

"Crampons" is a kind of mountaineering equipment with m […]

"Crampons" is a kind of mountaineering equipment with metal nails, especially for anti-skid use in snow climbing. Just like attaching a snow chain to a car tire, just place the crampons on the hard soles of your hiking boots.
The crampons can be roughly divided into four types: "chain type", "strap type", "full card (buckle) type", and "half card (buckle) type". It is important to note that mountaineering boots with "crampon slots" on the soles can only be equipped with "full-clamp" or "semi-clamp" crampons. Before purchasing, please confirm whether your shoes are suitable for use and which crampons are suitable for.
Among them, the "semi-clamp type" crampons can be further subdivided into two types: "front clamp type and rear clamp type" and "front clamp type and back clamp type". When putting on the sleeve, after the clip is stuck to the front (or rear) end of the boot, the strap can be stretched along the other end and fastened. As long as there is a slot on either the front or the rear, the boot can be used. ; and "full-clamp" crampons must be used for snow boots with crampons at the front and rear. Therefore, when purchasing mountaineering boots, you should also consider the type of crampons that it can be equipped with!

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