The main points of purchasing snow hiking boots

Update: 2022/04/22

Before choosing hiking shoes, you must first understand […]

Before choosing hiking shoes, you must first understand the height of the mountain you want to go to and the conditions of the climbing route. This time, I will mainly introduce the high-altitude, rocky, and snow-covered or thawed mountaineering paths that snow boots are capable of, that is, the so-called snow climbing. Mountaineering in the snow is very different from the usual walking state, so it is recommended that you should wear a pair of professional hiking boots in order to climb safely.
General hiking shoes are divided into "low-top shoes", "hiking shoes", "hiking shoes", "Trekking vertical walking shoes", "alpine boots", and "alpine boots" are the most suitable shoes for snow mountaineering
Even if you are not hiking in winter, it is recommended that you wear alpine boots when climbing mountains in other seasons, because their thick upper and hard bottom can protect your feet from cold and can easily handle rough roads. In addition, the sole design of the alpine boots is narrow and the contact area is small, even if you are walking on smooth stones or narrow mountain roads, you can step on the ground steadily and start effortlessly at the same time. The two types of hiking shoes, hiking shoes and vertical walking shoes, are designed to be softer, and the soles have a wide ground contact area. Alpine boots are the exact opposite.

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