Use of trekking poles when going downhill

Update: 2022/04/08

The impact force of going down the mountain is relative […]

The impact force of going down the mountain is relatively large. At this time, trekking poles should be used to reduce the load on the legs. At this time, the length of the trekking poles should be about 5 cm longer, and the position of the walking sticks is generally placed in front of the body. (pictured above)
Tips for using trekking poles:
Everyone knows that in the process of reloading and hiking, the most troublesome thing is to load and unload the bag, unless you need to remove the backpack for a long rest, usually in the process of walking, if you are tired, just stand there with your backpack and rest for a while. Therefore, even if you rest for a while, the shoulders are very stressed. Next, I will talk about the use of trekking poles during a short rest.
Lean forward slightly so that the two trekking poles are placed on the bottom of the backpack at a 45-degree angle, and then lean back slightly, so that the weight of the backpack falls on the two trekking poles, and the body also leans on the trekking poles, thereby reducing the stress on the body. load.
But there are two things to note:
Trekking poles are just a support, don't put all your gravity on it! When supporting, remember not to lean against the cliff!
(Many people will feel awkward when they first try to support, because the backpack is at the back, and the eyes can't see the back, so it is difficult to find a suitable support point at once, but after using it a lot, you will get used to it. Practical as this transfers the weight of the pack to the canes, not the shoulders!)

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