Some small uses for trekking poles

Update: 2022/04/15

①For example, in the mountains and forests, there are o […]

①For example, in the mountains and forests, there are often some small animals in the grass, the most common being snakes. Holding a trekking pole is like having an extra weapon in your hand.
② Walking in the swamp is also a very scary thing. It is very dangerous to step on it with one foot. If you have a trekking pole in your hand, you can use the trekking pole to check the situation first, and it will be safer!
③Crossing the snowy mountains will encounter snow nests or ice holes. Stepping in with one foot will sometimes cause serious consequences. With trekking poles, unnecessary troubles will be reduced!
④If you want to build a simple tent, a walking stick is an essential pillar.
If it is a simple, or a short leisure line, you can do without trekking poles.
If you are climbing a mountain for a long time, or climbing a mountain with heavy equipment, or at a high altitude, you must master some methods and skills of trekking poles.
When encountering a steep slope or a route that needs to be climbed, you must not use trekking poles. It is safer to put the trekking poles into your backpack, and grab rocks or branches with your hands to climb, otherwise, it will be very dangerous!

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